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Johnny Air Cargo Retail Padala makes online shopping fun for everyone.

Buy from anywhere in the world

And we deliver wherever you are

It’s so easy with Johnny Air
Choose from any of our United States offices where you can address your online orders, then we can ship your package to your Philippine address.

It’s so affordable with Johnny Air
Our rates are low and reasonable, because we only charge shipping rates from our US offices to our offices in the Philippines.

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(PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING) JOHNNY AIR CARGO (JAC) and its customers are required to adhere to Philippines, United States, and other laws regulating export trade and shipping. JAC STRICTLY PROHIBITS shipments of firearms, firearms parts and accessories thereof (even with legal permits), hazardous materials, dangerous goods, lithium batteries, counterfeit merchandise, illegal drugs, cash, coins, precious metals, and negotiable instruments. In addition, JAC does not accept for shipment any goods requiring the issuance of export licenses by the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (B1S), the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, the Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control, or any other governmental agency. Customers are required to provide JAC with accurate product descriptions and values so that Automated Export Statement (AES) filing requirements can be satisfied. By placing cargo with JAC, the customer agrees to all of the above restrictions and conditions, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless JAC for any fines, penalties, forfeitures or other costs arising from the customer’s failure to comply with these requirements.