Everyone has a favorite website. You know, the one where you buy all those goodies that you can’t find at the mall or have no time to look…and the price is right. Its so convenient to shop online and have your order delivered to your doorstep. Don’t you wish your loved ones in the Philippines can do this too? Well now they can!

With Johnny Air Shop Online Service you and your love ones in the Philippines can shop at your favorite website, like EBay and Amazon, have your order delivered to our main office in New York, and have us ship it directly to you in the Philippines…plus it only takes a week.

Just order online and follow the directions below.


1. Shop at your favorite online store/website. When you reach Checkout, put either of the following shipping information below:

In New York:

Your Name/Jac Retail
6904 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodside, NY 11377
(718) 672-7080

In New Jersey:

Your Name/Jac Retail
627 Summit Ave. Suite E
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 659-5152

In California:

Your Name/Jac Retail
55 Saint Francis Square, Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 991-7080

Your Name/Jac Retail
153 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004
(213) 386-7080

* If You Have Any Questions or Concerns, Please Contact jac-mnl@johnnyair.com


2. Pick a method of shipping listed by your U.S website/retailer (i.e. UPS, US Postal Service, FedEx, DHL, etc.)

3. Once your order goes through, note the tracking information and send an email with the details of your purchased items to jac-mnl@johnnyair.com. Include your name, the order tracking number, the item description, your contact address, and your contact number. It is IMPORTANT that you immediately forward these shipping details. This way, we will be able to send your package to the Philippines without any delay.

When we receive your package, we will reply by email with your Johnny Air Cargo tracking information and the shipping cost to the Philippines. For orders placed in the US you can pay by emailing your credit card information. For orders from the Philippines, payment is collected from the recipient upon delivery or pickup in the Philippines.

Generally, it takes about 5 to 10 business days for your order to reach our office in Woodside and another 5 to 7 days from Woodside to Manila or the Provinces. When your package arrives in the Philippines, our Johnny Air Cargo agent at that location will contact your recipient to let them know that the package is ready for pick up. You can also track your package by using our convenient Padala Tracker.